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Bungalow Changes

Labor Day Weekend

master bath shower
Master Bath tub
Master Bed 2 King beds
Laundry hallway
Steps going up
Steps Mindy
Looking into living
Steps to basement

Starting to come together

Over the last month changes

We have made several changes thanks to all the helping hands--Jim Halvorson, Charles, Cheryl & Conner Paulson, Mindy, Chad, Ethan, and Elle Eickhoff, Ben Boland, John Eubank, Dick Yennie, Tom Yennie, & Vincent Titus--we couldn't have done all this work without you, 

2nd Weekend-May 12-14th

Evergreen Haven Retreat recently embarked on some incredible projects, including emptying a closet and dropping off donations. Cleaning  carpet in the upstairs bedrooms and the stairs.  The rest of the carpet on the main floor was removed- spent time removing staples and tack strips. We also emptied the basement in the Main Lodge to install new flooring and it is almost ready for paint. Thank you Brandon, Erin, Conner, Charles, Cheryl, Chad, Ethan and Declan--we are so thankful for family and friends to help.