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House Rules

Parties or events are strictly prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the host.


Smoking or vaping is not permitted on the premises.


Pets are not allowed.


Only registered guests are permitted on the premises.


The use of illegal substances is strictly forbidden on the premises.


Guns or weapons are not permitted on the premises.


Fireworks, whether small or large, are strictly prohibited on the premises.


Ensure close supervision of your children in the game area, and in the event of any damages, charges may apply for missing or broken items.


Refrain from eating or drinking in the bedrooms or on the gaming tables, please.


Please observe the noise curfew from 10 pm to 7 am, considering that our neighbors reside here throughout the year.


Take proper care of the furnishings, and be aware that any damages beyond the security deposit will be your responsibility to cover.


Please refrain from rearranging the furniture both inside and outside, unless you return it to its original placement.

Kindly clean your dishes after use.


Prior to departure, ensure the disposal of trash, and if applicable, please recycle accordingly.


Please adhere to the designated check-in and check-out times.


Cancellation Policy

For cancellations made between 14 and 29 days before check-in, guests will receive a 50% refund for all nights, minus an 8% processing fee.

If guests cancel within 48 hours of booking, and the cancellation is at least 14 days before check-in, a 100% refund for all nights will be issued, minus an 8% processing fee.

For cancellations within 48 hours of booking and 7-14 days before check-in, guests will receive a 50% refund for all nights, minus an 8% processing fee.

Cancellations processed 14 days or less before the arrival date are not eligible for any refund up to 30 days. Renters can consider mitigating this loss by purchasing Travel Insurance from a third-party provider. No refunds are provided for early departure. Extenuating circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the owner.

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